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June 2014

17-19/6/2014: War Memories: Commemoration, Re-enactment, Writings of War in the English-Speaking World (deadline 15/6/3013), France.

January 2014

9-12/1/2014: MLA "Girls and the F Word: Twenty-First Century Representations of Women's Lives" (deadline 13/3/2013), USA

9-12/1/2014: MLA "Is it safe to travel alone?": British Women Travelers and False Concepts of Vulnerability (deadline 20/3/2013), USA

9-12/1/2014: MLA "Diaries of the Young Girl: The Craft of Female Self (deadline 15/3/2013), USA.

9-12/1/2014: MLA Special Session "Situating the Self: Immigrant Auto/Biography (deadline 15/3/2013), USA

Call for Panelists 2014 Berkshire Conference Roundtable on Women's Biography: "Biography as a Conflict Zone: Borders, Encounters and the Meaning of Memory in the Writing of Women's Lives" (deadline 15/12/2012), USA

December 2013

5-7/12/2013: FLIT (Foreign Language Instructional Technology Conference): "E-nnovative Learning" (deadline 22/5/2013), Cyprus

November 2013

21-24/11/2013: CFP American Deconversion Narratives, ASA (deadline 5/1/2013), USA

1-3/11/2013: Explorations of Childhood in Nineteenth Century Working Class Life Writing (deadline 31/3/2013), USA

1-3/11/2013: Mapping Identity, PAMLA Conference (deadline 15/4/2013), USA

1-3/11/2013: Standing Session on Autobiography, PAMLA Conference (deadline 15/4/2013), USA

October 2013

14-15/10/2013: Call for papers and panels, The Ida Blom Conference, "Gendered Citizenship: History, Politics, Democracy" (deadline 1/3/2013), Norway

12/10/2013: CFP: Contemporary Experimental Women's Writing (deadline 3/5/2013), UK

11-13/10/2013: CALL FOR PAPERS ON AUTHORSHIP AND AUTEURISM (deadline 30/4/2013), USA.

4/10/2013: "Navigating Networks: Women, Travel, and Female Communities," Oxford Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (deadline 1/4/2013), UK

September 2013

26-28/9/2013: The Traveler's Eye: Narrating Dis/Location in 20th Century Travel Literature (deadline 4/12/2013), Bucharest

19-20/09/2013: Writers' Biographies: Hybridities, Combinations and Metamorphoses (deadline 30/6/2012), France

12/09/2013: Blackness in Britain (deadline 31/5/2013) UK

6/9/2013: Critical Pedagogies: Equality and Diversity in a Changing Institution (deadline 1/4/2013), UK

July 2013

22-24/7/2013: Borders and Crossings/Seuils et Traverses: An International and Multidisciplinary Conference on Travel Writing (deadline 15/2/2013), UK

8-10/7/2013: Visualising Affect Exhibition and Talk (deadline 31/3/2013), UK

8-9/7/2013: Kings and Queens 2: Making Connections (deadline 31/12/2012), UK

5/7/2013: Gender, Sexuality and the Body: Critical Perspectives (deadline 15/3/2013), Portugal.

5/13/2013: Gender, The Refugee and Displacement (1900-1050), (deadline 1/5/2013), UK

June 2013

21-23/6/2013: "The Lady Doth Protest: Mapping Feminist Movements, Moments, and Mobilisations" FWSA biennial conference (deadline

11-12/6/2013: CFP "Private Lives, Intimate Readings." Estonian Literary Museum (deadline 25/3/2013).

6-7/6/2013: CFP for London Conference in Critical Thought, STREAM: "Feedback Loops of Feminist Thought and Activism" (deadline 5/4/2013), UK.

May 2013

30-31/5/2013:  ‘Holocaust Metaphor’: Cultural Representations of Traumatic Pasts in the 20th Century (deadline 28/12/2013), Spain

24/5/2013: "Troubling Gender" Postgraduate Gender Research Network and Centre for Gender Research (deadline 24/2/2013) UK

17/5/2013: CFP Queer, Feminist and social media praxis Workshop, UK

April 2013

CALL FOR PAPERS: Auto/Fiction - 1:2 Theme: "Autofiction, memoir and Life Narrative" (deadline for proposals, 31/5/2013; deadline for fill-length texts, 31/7/2013)

25-27/4/2013: Oral History Spring School

25-26/4/2013: “Narrative-Making in the Aftermath of War” (deadline 1/2/2013), USA

12/4/2013: Greece and Britain in Women's Literary Imagination, 1913-2013, UK

11/12/2013: The Expatriate Experience Past and Present, The Netherlands.

March 2013

Oxford Centre for Life Writing: A New Virtual Life...

Link to OCLW Blog

Link to OCLW Discussion Board

Link to OCLW Facebook page

10th Volume Anniversary of Life Writing: Find the collection of free articles here!

Video-Gender Bias and Norms in Engineering. "About Four Percent" Now available.

WORLDwrite: Migration stories. Now available to view.

22-23/3/2013: Postgraduate Symposium "Writing Life" (deadline 11/2/2013), Malta

18/3/2013: Writing Auschwitz: Testimony, Representation and Prose in the Work of Charlotte Delbo, Primo Levi and Holocaust Writers (deadline 10/1/2013), UK

6-10/3/2013: WOW: Women of the World Festival.

9/3/2012: Day Symposium on Leonard Woolf's The Village in the Jungle (1913), The Oxford Centre for Life-Writing, UK

8/3/2013: To mark INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY, 'Women's Lives, Women's Stories: A Feminist Research Symposium'. UK

8/3/2013: IHR Winter Conference 2013 "History and Biography" UKHistory and Biography


February 2013

26/2/2013: "Shaping the Sources", Life-Writing Workshop, The Oxford Centre for Life-Writing, UK

22/1-19/2/2013: Weinrebe Lectures in Life-Writing: Life-Writing and Portraiture, The Oxford Centre for Life-Writing, UK

5/2/2013: Domestic Violence and Young People: Tackling Teenage Relationship Abuse, UK

January 2013

14-15/1/2013: ESA Sexuality Research Network Mid-Term Conference: "Sexuality in Theory and Practice" UK

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