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Sarah Lightman


Sarah Lightman picSarah Lightman drawing



My research interests are autographics and visual memoir, with an emphasis on comics and graphic novels by women. I am an artist and curator, currently researching a Ph.D. in “Autobiographical Comics and Graphic Novels” at The University of Glasgow. I make my own visual diary and studied at The Slade School of Art for my BA and MFA. I have written on autobiographical comics and visual diaries, including the work of Bobby Baker and Gabrielle Bell, for Studies in Comics and The International Journal of Comic Art. I am curating  “Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women”, with Michael Kaminer, an exhibition of 18 international comic artists, which opened at The Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco in October 2010 and tours to Koffler Centre for The Arts, Toronto in 2011 and Yeshiva University Museum, New York in 2012. I  co-founded Laydeez do Comics, a monthly autobiographical comics forum with Nicola Streeten. I also chair the annual Women in Comics Conference, which celebrates and explores women's contribution to comics. In 2009 this was held at The New Hall Art Collection, at The University of Cambridge, and in 2010 this was held at Leeds Art Gallery.


Contact details

Ph.D. Candidate

The University of Glasgow





Personal website: www.sarahlightman.com

Women in Comics: http://www.art.newhall.cam.ac.uk/events/comics.html

‘Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women’: 


Laydeez do Comics: www.laydeezdocomics.com



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